Senior Engineer/Architect/Team Lead

1E (January 2016 - Present)


Senior Engineer/Architect/Team Lead

Alcurian (August 2014 - December 2015)

Secret Project

Can't say much here yet really, but it's going to be awesome.

Senior Engineer/Architect/Team Lead

iQuate (July 2003 - August 2014)


  1. iQSonar
  2. iQDataHub
  3. iQAnalytics
  4. iQCMS
  5. iQNetScan
  6. iQStatus


iQSonar is a client-less, multi-threaded solution that uses various protocols to remotely communicate with a wide variety of hardware/software configurations (switches, servers, databases, hosted applications, virtualization platforms). The information gathered is used to calculate various needs with regards to licensing, purchasing, configuration and growth. It can discover, identify and connect to almost any network enabled device to gather information. It specializes in differentiating virtual from physical hardware and it is designed to be as quick and accurate as possible. It has been used in a variety of network sizes (100,000 devices, 10,000 servers, 200+ domains) and topologies (LAN/WAN).


iQDataHub is a Data Warehouse designed to hold iQSonar data overtime in a cleansed and optimized way. It uses SSIS for ETL and moves data through several stages in to a final SQL Server 2012 warehouse schema. It takes iQSonar data and performs various cleansing methods to ensure that the data is presented in the best possible way. The data is stored over time so reports on change management and project progress can be generated and it is expected that it should handle several hundred datasets. The EDW is designed to allow dataset isolation and integrity, while allowing customers to merge data from external sources and link it to iQSonar data.


QlikView based interface for reporting various licensing scenarios based on iQSonar and iQDataHub data.


A custom database driven CMS. It uses custom Web Services, HTTP Handlers, AJAX (JavaScript). It is completely CSS theme-able. Pages are broken down in to components or controls and defined as rows in various tables. These components were then re-assembled in to HTML and JavaScript on request (Caching was also used). Pages could be stored on disk as Xml defined objects that were de-serialized into schema. This allowed the Pages to be re-assembled in different ways quickly; however the main goal was to implement multi-lingual pages in an easily maintainable way.

iQNetScan (previously eNA)

A client-less inventory and asset management product. As a precursor to iQSonar it was not as fully featured and only scanned Windows servers. It did however store its results in either SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or Xml data files.


A high availability, high volume transaction and performance and monitoring solution for datacenters. It allowed per minute monitoring of thousands of network devices across a wide variety of technologies and protocols.



Owen Sullivan Software Development Manager - AWS CloudWatch January 29, 2014, Owen managed Jonathan indirectly at iQuate

Jonny is an insanely great full-stack Microsoft software developer, as skilled at front-end development as he is at back-end development. He has fantastic technical skills, intelligence and drive. His work as Senior Architect is quite simply world class. All his colleagues instinctively turn to him for help on the toughest technical problems. He has a passion for technology and building great products that causes him to constantly push himself and those around him to achieve more

James Wilson VP Engineering at Alcurian December 1, 2011, James managed Jonathan at iQuate

Jonny shows great passion for his work. His formidable skills in technologies such as multi-threaded C#, jquery, web services, and T-SQL are only shadowed by his ability to stick through challenges that others twice his age fail at. You can always count on him to get it done right

Jason Keogh CEO at Alcurian March 3, 2010, Jason managed Jonathan at iQuate

Jonny is a skilled developer and a pleasure to work with. During his time in iQuate Jonny has been exposed to a multitude of different technologies at very low levels. Jonny takes great pride in his work and his opinion is always valued.

Anthony Quigley Founder & Director at Digital Marketing Institute, Digital Marketing Evangelist and Entrepreneur, Advisor and Mentor March 2, 2010, Anthony managed Jonathan at eManageIT (iQuate)

Jonny was always focused and diligent and the task at hand. He is an effective team member and works well with a range of people. I would certainly recommend Johnny as a solid member in any development project team

Michael Surkan Building Social Communities for Software Engineers April 19, 2012, Michael was with another company when working with Jonathan at iQuate

Jonathan did an amazing job at clearly explaining the challanges and opportunities companies like his have in taking advantage of cloud computing on my podcast show ( Jonathan is able to clearly explain complex technical issues in a way that listeners can understand. I would love to have Jonathan back on the show any time!

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